Driving: the bane of my existence

I still don't have my driver's license... but have my (second since I failed my first) road test on Sunday. I don't even where to start... my hate for driving is just too much. : ( 

Why can't we all just ride bikes or have a national subway system? WHY CAN'T SOMEONE JUST INVENT APPARITION?! T_T

On other notes, I've indulged myself by listening to Senkou (I have horrible patience...and I ordered the single as well), developed an odd obsession with nail polish (bought colors in Chocolate, Smokey Brown, and Black for $1 each here: ), and became addicted to Se7en's Digital Bounce album. I can't stop listening to "Better Together"- so catchy!! And holy crap he can dance.


Summertime inspirations

 I think this is me slowly coming back to LJ. At least for now, during the summer.

I stopped when college started last year mainly because I just didn't have the time or energy to even be online. Later it was more of me feeling bleh and lazy about everything....

But then a few days ago I saw that our uni's fashion magazine had opening spots. So out of pure craziness and spontaneity I decided to apply for a illustrator/ design editor position.  I don't know how I'll fit it into my schedule next semester, but for now, I just know I want to get in touch with art and designing again.  First year in college I didn't do squat- drew NOTHING at all (unless you count sketches of nude people during one session of figure drawing).

I think it's part of the lazy summer-ness and bottled up feelings, but I miss the artistic side of myself. It's not that I didn't enjoy first year of college, but it felt more like a whirlwind of stress-socially, academically, mentally, and physically.  Didn't have time to think about anything else. But hopefully sophmore year I shall be wiser and more able to balance everything. 

For now I uploaded 5 old drawings I had from 2009 onto Deviantart.  I'm planning on going back there too. Hopefully I'll draw some more before summer ends...

Also, I'm thinking of just making my posts public. :P I mean, all I ever do is talk about dramas, music, art, post vids, fangirl, etc. Lol. I'll prob F-lock more private posts though, obviously.

Picture spam

 Hello. Lol. Yeah I was gonna update sooner but things kept coming up. x____x

BUT I think I'm officially done with all school hw/other crap now so I have loads more free time. Yeeeeeeeeeees. :D I am very happy. Only three more half days of school and it's OVER.  Aalsgkajsglksag and I'm graduating omfg on June 6th. That's like... two weeks from now. o_____o Really a lot sooner than I expected. Don't know how I feel about it really. But it'll come later I'm sure. 

So what now hm... 

Oh yes, I have pictures. Lots and lots and lots of pictures from prom and trip to Disneyland (lol) that I'm posting right now. I cut it down to only my favs cuz if I posted them all... it's over 200 pics for sure. XD

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Friends Only

credits to blindcottonlove 

Please comment here or message me or something before adding me, just so I know who I'm friending.  And I probably won't friend suspicious/random people who have no entries on their LJs or who do not share the same interests as me. Sorry, I'm paranoid. XD